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Hayup Sa Sex Appeal (2001)

Movie Title: Hayup Sa Sex Appeal (2001)

Main Cast: Via Veloso, Tonton Gutierrez, Alberto de Esteban, Allen Dizon

Director: Roland Ledesma

Genre: Rated R

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Movie Synopsis: Diosa was an attractive young lady who came the town's most prominent family. Because of her stature, her family was wary about her safety. Diosa was given Guillier and Morgan two new assassins as bodyguards. Despite his many attempts, Adolfo, a rich and powerful man, was never successful in possessing Diosa. So when Guillier and Morgan was overpowered by greed, they decide to compromise with Adolfo to attract Don Vicente's Villa with them taking all his money and Adolfo taking Diosa. Soon enough, they perform their evil plan, killing Diosa's parents along the way. But the two bodyguards are eventually beset by lust for the young lady too. Now they outdo each other to quench their desires.
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