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Roses and Lollipops Full Movie

Starring: Kat de Santos, Kuhdet Honasan, Jon Romano, Mark Dionisio, Clark Concepcion

When Judith (Kuhdet Honasan) fell deeply in-love with one of their house helpers, she decided to leave all the extravagant living she had, not knowing that this will be the start of her misery and sufferings in the hand of her lover. In order to survive, she became a bar dancer and exploited her flesh just to earn a living. Trying to redeem herself, she met Limweng (Kat de Santos), a rural girl who have a simple ambition in life.

They both worked in club and became close friends. Tension arises when Judith confesses her true sexuality. Roses and Lollipops, a place of self-discovery and self-realization in unveiling the characters concealed identities.

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