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Hibla Full Movie

Lead Cast: Rica Peralejo, Maui Taylor, Antonio Acquitania, Ricky Davao, Tina Monasterio, Renato Del Prado

Directed by Yam Laranas

Isabel (Rica Peralejo) and Clara (Maui Taylor) are childhood friends from a small town who were separated when Clara's family moved to the city due to her mother's ambition.

Isabel has since learned to live without her best friend and continued living her simple life with her boyfriend Lando (Antonio Acquitania) who loves her but is frustrated by her conservatism and idealism.

Clara's life, however, takes a 180 degree turn as she falls prey to some worthless men, which leads her to develop a self-destructive behavior.

Because of this Clara's father Roman (Ricky Davao) decides to bring her back to the town to start a new life.

Upon return, Isabel and Clara try to renew their friendship but their differences soon clash, as each one tries to influence the other in their own ways.

As each of them seek their own idea of fulfillment, their motivations and actions will lead them to a tragic and inevitable end.

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