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Bedtime Stories (Asia Agcaoili) Full Movie

She'll keep your body warm.

She'll stroke you up.

But she won't put you to sleep.

Inspired by her highly successful late night radio sex-talk show, Bedtime Stories with Asia Agcaoili unleases the sex guru's more notable true "sexperiences" from her teens up to womanhood.

In this "coming of age" disclosure, Asia shares her sexual encounters - from innocuous to amusing, passionate to impudent - while giving viewers a glimpse of her forbidden zone.

Her first erotic phone and cyberspace experienced.

Her first lesbian one-on-one.

A tryst with a basketball hottie.

A Steamy rendezvous with the guy next door.

A rocking adventure in a swingers party.

All these and more are revealed as Asia takes you into her private world, filling you in with every detail of her late night sexcapades.

So fluff your pillows, hop in bed and let Asia tuck you in as she shares with you her favorite bedtime stories.

Asia Agcaoili
Paolo Paraiso
Justin De Leon
Vanessa Khain
Irish Contreras
Russia Rimes
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